QUEST is proud to announce that it has granted a total of $6,651 in support of the following projects in the Quabbin Regional School District:

Quabbin Regional High School

Literature & Film Collaboration Project

This project is a collaboration between the Literature & Film and the Mass Media Communications classes as part of an extensive video project. Students will have the opportunity to work on an authentic production where they perform the role of screenplay writers and directors, which will allow them a realistic perspective on how various decisions impact an audience.

Anatomical Sculpture Casts

This grant will be used to purchase several anatomical sculpture casts for use in advanced Ceramics courses. Previously, the course has relied primarily on 2 dimensional references for assignments. Funding to purchase a variety of anatomical casts will provide students with much more visual information and understanding and allow them to improve their observational practices, which is essential in figure sculpture.

JETS Robotics Competition

The Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) has been focusing its efforts over the last two years on building and programming robots. The Vex Robotics Design System is an International program that runs an annual robotics design challenge. High school teams compete at regional competitions and can qualify to compete at an international competition held in the United States near the end of the school year. This hands-on involvement provides the students with valuable, authentic application of engineering concepts. The QUEST grant will be used to purchase new parts and to replace broken parts for robotics kits.

ImPACT Program

The grant will be used to purchase the license for use of the ImPACT program for 2011-2012 school year. The ImPACT program is a 20 minute test that has become a standard tool used in comprehensive clinical management of concussions for athletes at all levels. This program will assist QRSD nurses, athletic trainers and other health care professionals with athletes who may suffer a concussion.

QRHS Global UN

The global classes and jazz musicians will have the opportunity to have a guided tour of the United Nations Headquarters in NYC and attend a cultural concert/play. The goal is to enrich the students understanding of the workings of the United Nations and to expose students to professional theatre in New York City.

Lino Printmaking Press

This grant will be used to purchase a Printmaking Press, that will provide students a college level opportunity to explore an inventive graphics curriculum and area of study beyond what was available in this media in the past. The redesigned graphic arts curriculum will enable students to do two and three color inked prints that will teach and practice the sequential thinking and planning that is fundamental in the study of design.

Hardwick Elementary School

Nature's Classroom Marine Day

For Hardwick, Oakham and New Braintree students to participate in a Marine Exploration Day as part of the students' week at Nature's Classroom. Through this funding they will be able to leave the campus and go to Beaver Tail Park and explore the marine habitats. Sample activities in which students will participate include exploring the high and low tides, creating an aquarium by filling it with marine life found in salt water ponds and tide pools, exploring the animals and plants that live in marshes, and studying the effects of erosion on the beaches.

Ruggles Lane Elementary School

Fruitlands Museum Field Trip

This lower elementary field trip to Fruitlands Museum in Harvard, MA, includes a tour of the Native American museum, a tour of a "Native American home site," a craft activity, and an informative slideshow which compares and contrasts the lives of Native People and the Settlers, focusing specifically on their relationships with nature. In addition, students will visit the farm home, which was the home of Louisa May Alcott at one time. There students will explore the chores, games and toys, clothing, and journals of children in the 1840's.

Quabbin Regional Middle School

Bluebonnet Cafe

To purchase a coffee brewstation and sign-boards for The Bluebonnet Café. This program promotes the academic and social growth of Project Involve students. Seventh and eighth grade students in this program assist customers and learn how to add up monetary amounts and to make change - an opportunity to apply classroom mathematics to real life situations. Students additionally advance their social and communication skills through conversations with faculty and staff members who are the customers for this program.

SMARTNotebook Math Tools

With this grant we would have the opportunity to purchase SMART Notebook Math Tools for the middle school math classrooms. This software is an add-on to the SmartBoard software that we currently use. It would provide access to measurement tools such as compasses, rulers, and protractors, an equation editor to display math specific symbols, and a graph builder that can recognize hand written equations. This software has applications that can be used on a daily basis through out the school year.

The Revealers

For a middle school plan to read the book The Revealers, by Doug Wilhelm, to all students during homeroom for several weeks. This book is a young adult novel which focuses on the issues of middle school life, fitting in and bullying. Testimonials state that students and adults find this novel inspiring and helpful in stimulating conversations and discussions about bullying. Follow up writings and role plays will be done with the students in various classes. After the book has been read, the author will come to the school for a day of workshops with the students and an evening presentation for all parents in the district. This event is scheduled for March 29, 2011 at 7pm.


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