QUEST is proud to announce that it has granted a total of $6,352 in support of the following projects in the Quabbin Regional School District:

Quabbin Regional High School

Environmental Science: Macroinvertebrate Study

Two stereoscopic microscopes to augment the study of macroinvertebrates as bio-indicators of water quality. The new microscopes will enhance the classroom experience by providing an exciting, hands-on opportunity for students to participate in real scientific observation, collection, and identification of organisms.

AP Biology: Field Trip to the UMASS Medical School

A guided tour of the UMASS Anatomy Lab, including a lecture/demonstration with real human body parts and organs. Students will gain first hand exposure to medical facilities, as well as the opportunity to speak with professionals in the field.

Health: Service Learning Field Trip

A field trip to Overlook Farm in Rutland, MA. As part of Heifer Project International, Overlook Farm works to address the global issues of poverty and hunger by providing needy families around the world with animals that can be used for farming, food, and livelihood. Overlook Farm is a working farm and also has a global village that simulates living conditions in other countries. After the field trip, students will organize and implement a fundraising project at school and will educate their peers about poverty and hunger, and ways they can help.

Art: Mat Cutter

To purchase a mat cutter and replacement blades for the high school art program. The mat cutter will allow student artwork to be professionally matted for display at art shows and competitions.

Art: Museum of Fine Arts Field Trip

A field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The museum visit will give students real-life connections to the artworks they have been studying in class. Students will also spend time sketching at the museum, a practice used for centuries by artists to study and learn from the old masters.

Math: Graphing Calculator Software for SMART Board

Graphing Calculator software that allows the instructor to display an interactive image of the calculator on the SMART Board screen. Students will be able to see and follow along with the instructor’s keystrokes, and be better able to achieve the same results on their own calculators.

Theater: Massachusetts State Drama Festival

The Quabbin High School Drama Club will participate in the preliminary round of the Massachusetts State Drama Festival. Quabbin students will perform a play and have the opportunity to watch other students representing schools throughout the state perform their plays.

Physical Education: Cardiovascular exercise equipment

A Concept2 Rowing Machine for the high school/middle school fitness room. This new piece of fitness equipment will be available to all freshmen and sophomore high school students, as well as middle school students. The rowing machine will be used extensively, especially in the winter months, to augment the existing fitness curriculum.

Math: Punchline Algebra puzzle worksheets

A new set of problem puzzle worksheets that will help students master key concepts and keep students engaged as active learners.

World Languages: Software for Interactive SMART Board Activities

Interactive SMART Board software that will allow students to ask and answer questions in the target language and will permit them to collaboratively review comprehensive vocabulary, grammar, and culture.

Hubbardston Center School

Art/Social Studies: Field Trip to the Worcester Art Museum

On this field trip, all sixth grade students will have the ability to view artifacts from the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, and Egypt. In addition, students will participate in a hands-on art activity where they will make their own "artifact" from one of the ancient cultures they study.

Quabbin Regional Middle School

Special Needs: Bluebonnet Coffee Shop supplies

Supplies for the Bluebonnet Coffee Shop, a part of the Project Involve program whose purpose is to educate special needs students in all areas of academics as well as offer a vocational component.

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