About Us

Our key strategies

  • Create a mini-grant pool that will enhance the educational experiences of our students
  • Invest in the technology infrastructure of the Quabbin Regional School District to provide our students with a competitive 21st century educational experience that will improve their future economic opportunity
  • Inspire leadership and financial contributions to build and sustain this resource for the Quabbin region in perpetuity
  • Identify promising practices and measure the effectiveness of our grants

Our beliefs

  • Students are all able to learn and desire to succeed
  • Parents and community are essential partners in achieving our mission
  • Teachers and other district personnel need support and opportunities to excel

Our vision

To enhance academic achievement and opportunities for students in the Quabbin Regional School District, and in so doing motivate the next generation of leaders to continue the legacy of this foundation

Quabbin Education Foundation • P.O. Box 855 • 872 South Street • Barre, MA 01005 • info@quabbinedfoundation.org